I am listening.

Sometimes we are quick to dismiss or ignore the very thing that we asked of the universe because it doesn’t look, sound, feel like we expected.

At some point last week, I received a solicitation letter from the Maryland Food Bank.  I normally ignore end of the year solicitations because I never have any money this time of year.  I remember this particular piece of mail because I was on the phone with my sister and complained to her about receiving it.


“I hate these year end asks!  How did the Food Bank get my address anyway?!  I’ve never gotten anything from them before.  Some list I’m on must have been sold. (Insert the implied “bah humbug” here.)”

But even with that attitude, for some reason I didn’t rip it up and throw it away.  I put it on the top of a stack of mail and forgot about it.

During the weekend, as I was planning my Facebook posts for the week, I remembered that Tuesday was #GivingTuesday.  I love the concept, especially in the face of the highly commercialized and materialistic days that come before it, and I decided to highlight it on FB.  It was then that I recalled the Food Bank letter and decided that is how I would participate in #GivingTuesday.

On my way to work, I decided that I would give $25 to the Food Bank.  I figured that even though things are tighter than tight right now, I could give $25 and still make it until the next payday.  When I got to work, I pulled out my checkbook to write the check.  As I did that, I thought, “I should do a short blog post about this to support #GivingTuesday”, so I started taking pictures of the mail and the check.  In doing so, I had to move some things out of the way so I could have a clear space on my desk.  There was a legal pad on the corner of the desk that I moved and for some reason, I decided to flip through it.


That’s when the universe gave me a little shake, just to be sure I was paying attention.

You see, three weeks ago, I was sitting and waiting for some clients to come visit me.  I had just read an article on vision boards and thought that I should at least jot some things down that I really want to accomplish next year.  This is what was on the list.


Do you see the second thing on the list?  “Feed People.”  When I wrote it, I had big visions of giving out turkeys, sponsoring some big community dinner, or opening a non-profit restaurant that not only fed people in need, but also trained them to work in the restaurant industry.  Instead, here I was, writing a little $25 check to the Food Bank.  As I sat pondering the significance of what had just happened, I reread the letter from the Food Bank.  The last line read, in part, “P.S. Your gift can work miracles.  For every $25 you donate, more than 50 meals can be provided to your hungry neighbors throughout the Eastern Shore.”


As the chill ran down my spine, all I could do was whisper, “Thank you.”

I hope you will participate in #GivingTuesday.   For more information,  check out the Facebook page here, or the website here.

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